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About Group

CyberPower Australia Pty. Ltd. is the renewable energy sector of the Cyber Group; our work doesn’t simply cover the renewable energy resources provided to thousands of Australian homes and businesses, but they do extend to cyber recycling and entertainment facilities!

Who we are

CyberPower Australia Pty. Ltd. is a premier league solar company. We pride ourselves upon quality and efficiency, whilst working closely alongside some of the world's most renowned and trusted solar brands.

Coming from a background of having done the largest government contracted jobs, large-scale commercial deals in Australia and a strong background in the ethical recycling of solar panels, we know the difference between superior quality systems and inferior quality systems. Hence why we decided to enter the residential and commercial market ourselves! Today we help rid Australian homes and businesses of unnecessary spenditures and help them take the first step in owning their own mini solar power plant!

Why Go For Solar?

According to the Clean Energy Council, small-scale solar systems (100kW maximum) are “responsible for 20.3 per cent of Australia's clean energy generation and produced 3.4 per cent of the country's total electricity” [CEC, 2018]. So, the real question is, why not go for solar?

Solar isn’t just environmentally friendly, it’s also financially friendly; it’s an eco-friendly money-making machine, that ensures not only the longevity of sustainable energy but also safeguards your family’s ability to lighten your financial burdens and start spending on things that you really want and deserve! So, start planning that holiday you’ve been dreaming about, invest in the projects you want or even simply save, and let solar worry about the bill.

Like we always say: solar has two very important investment clients; number one is a gaseous star that shines all year round, and number two has just finished reading this sentence!

How Solar Works

  1. Sunlight shines onto panels
  2. Produces Direct Current (D.C.)
  3. Inverter converts Direct Current (D.C.) to Alternating Current (A.C.)
  4. A.C. gets fed into home and powers your appliances!

How We Work

Before you get blown away by CyberPower Australia Pty. Ltd. and the outstanding products that we do use, let’s see what you NEED for your home or business – there is no point in buying clothes that don’t fit, is there? Similarly, there is no point in investing in solar if it cannot adequately cover your home or business’ needs.

Our Mission

We want to colour the world with solar, one home at a time!

Since its inception, CyberPower Australia Pty. Ltd. has had only one aim in mind: rid the world of the monopolies of power companies and enter an era of sustainable sources of energy.

For us, the solar industry is not a lucrative financial ladder, but is genuinely a means to an end. We believe that no person should conform to the mercy of an entrepreneurial tycoon but should instead be the ones dictating the terms under which each survive, and solar gives one that kind of power.

We have embraced the idea of being a home - being your family. All our clients are treated as though they are our own, and we pride ourselves on our ability to maintain transparency with every one of our clients.

So, what are you waiting for? FREE yourself from those chains and join YOUR family TODAY!

Our Services

RESIDENTIAL: According to recent estimations, there have been more than 4 million solar systems installed on Aussie homes. Besides all the environmental benefits that solar prides itself on, the savings an average Australian home user builds by simply swapping one lifetime bill for one short-term bill is exponential! It’s obvious to see why so many people have decided to make the switch.

COMMERCIAL: Solar isn’t just beneficial for homes, but Aussie businesses can benefit greatly from the active use of solar. Whether it’s feeding the nation, or increasing the financial capita of the Australian economy, you’re always going to be worrying about that overhead expense that seems to be increasing day by day. Like many other commercial properties down under, why not make that clean switch?

BUY-BACK SCHEME: Got stuck with a hopeless system for which you paid way more than you care to admit? Don’t worry, Cyber Recycling has got your back! The Cyber Group’s ‘Buy-Back Scheme’ allows Aussie homeowners to get rid of their old and crappy system and get a new system without having to pay anything extra.

Why choose us?

With us, you will always find the right system to suit your household as we offer high-quality products. Talk to us today and we can help you harness solar energy, in the best way and most efficient ways. With repairs and production guarantee at no additional charge, our coverage is the best in the industry. After years of experience of having served thousands of customers, we are sure you will feel powered with us!

With our solar panels, you will be able to get advanced energy monitoring. This will help you effectively track your home's energy production from anywhere in the world!

Save the Planet

Go solar today, so you can leave a safe Planet to your kids tomorrow!

Cut your bill

Going solar will significantly cuts you energy consumption bills!

Control your energy

Solar energy will empower both individuals & businesses in regulating the power consumption!

Watch this video to understand the basics about how does the solar energy works day and night to cut your energy bills and make our planet a better place for the next generations to come!

Millions of individuals and businesses who’ve already swapped their grids for solar are waiting for your decision!

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