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We are Australia’s greenest Renewable Energy Company. We not only provide green energy, but we make it too. Believe us, Switching to green energy is easier than you thought. Our team at Cyber Power will ensure it only takes a few minutes to get your online inquiry answered, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our Company Is An End-To-End, Customer Oriented Alternative Energy Company That Is Centered On Marketing, Trading, Transportation, And Distribution Of Solar Panels In Australia. Join our environment-friendly green revolution now – the more people who join us, the more we can do to create a greener Australia.
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Why Solar Energy?

Did you know that NO greenhouse gas emissions are released into the atmosphere when we use solar panels to make electricity?

Is my home worth more with Solar Energy?

Do you wish to know if you are solar ready? Talk to our experts today and fix a day to learn more about it. Our customers come from all walks of life, with versatile needs and priorities. Our team is committed to providing easy, more affordable and cleaner energy within reasonable options. We are here to help our customers who are looking to switch to solar energy

Save with Solar Electricity

It is our commitment to bring you Simple and more affordable energy. Our team of solar power experts will help your sail through the whole process – starting from the initial consultation, to finding the right power system for your needs and you will also learn about savings on your electricity bill.

Affordable solar is finally here!

Solar energy is one of the world's best and largest natural resources. Solar power is known as green energy as it does not emit any pollutant into the atmosphere during its production or consumption. Switch to solar power as it is not only a green source of energy, but also because it is less expensive and more efficient than any other source. We are here to help you convert solar energy into heating or electricity. Contact us to know how.

Benefits of Solar Energy

It is clean energy: Solar power releases NO harmful substances. It also does NOT cause any noise pollution either. For every megawatt hour of electricity, solar energy produces just about 0.75 to one tonne of CO2. Hence it reduces your household's’ carbon footprint.

Reduced bills: Once installed, it’s free. Once you get the mechanism set up for generating solar power is installed, heating or electricity from the solar system becomes free of cost. This will help you reduce your power bills.

Solar works anywhere: It is true that solar panels is more effective when they receive increased sunshine, but it is interesting that panels work even when its cloudy. Talk to us to know how adding solar battery storage system will help you enjoy free energy even at night.

You normally don’t need a permit: This is because solar panels are considered as "permitted development". This allows you to install them on without needing any permit. However, there might be a few obligations. Get in touch with us today and we can help you find out the correct information.

Why choose us?

With us, you will always find the right system to suit your household as we offer high-quality products. Talk to us today and we can help you harness solar energy, in the best way and most efficient ways. With repairs and production guarantee at no additional charge, our coverage is the best in the industry. After years of experience of having served thousands of customers, we are sure you will feel powered with us!

With our solar panels, you will be able to get advanced energy monitoring. This will help you effectively track your home's energy production from anywhere in the world!

Save the Planet

Go solar today, so you can leave a safe Planet to your kids tomorrow!

Cut your bill

Going solar will significantly cuts you energy consumption bills!

Control your energy

Solar energy will empower both individuals & businesses in regulating the power consumption!

Watch this video to understand the basics about how does the solar energy works day and night to cut your energy bills and make our planet a better place for the next generations to come!

Millions of individuals and businesses who’ve already swapped their grids for solar are waiting for your decision!

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