Battery Storage

Maximize Your Savings with Solar Battery Storage

With electricity rates increasing over the last 10 years,4 going solar just makes financial sense. So if you’re thinking about joining us, why not set yourself up for success?

Most Reliable Solar Battery Storage Service for Your Home

We are one of the largest suppliers of solar power and renewable energy products in Australia. If you are looking for cost effective solar batteries or other solar related products, please contact us today and we can suggest the best solutions for you. At Cyber Power Australia, we specialize in solar batteries for all applications and complete solar systems. Our team is well trained to supply the best quality solar energy products to efficiently perform even in the harsh environmental conditions. Contact us today and to install solar power systems exclusively designed for suiting your requirements as home owners or business owners.

Types of solar battery storage we offer:

Lead Acid

The common automobile batteries in which the electrodes are grids of metallic lead-containing lead oxides that change in composition during charging and discharging. The electrolyte is diluted sulfuric acid. The new AGM Battery technology has made a huge impact on lead-acid batteries, making it one of the best batteries to use in solar electric systems.


Lithium batteries have many advantages over traditional battery types. They have an extremely long cycle life and high discharge and recharge rates.


The nickel–iron battery (NiFe battery) is a rechargeable battery having nickel(III) oxide-hydroxide positive plates and iron negative plates, with an electrolyte of potassium hydroxide. The active materials are held in nickel-plated steel tubes or perforated pockets. It is a very robust battery which is tolerant of abuse, (overcharge, overdischarge, and short-circuiting) and can have very long life even if so treated.[

Beat Power Outages with a solar battery system

Nowadays, with the ever increasing household energy costs, it is strongly suggested that you invest in cost-effective battery storage solutions from a trusted name like ours. It is time for you to beat the power outages with our most efficient solar battery system. Get in touch with us for free advice on home battery storage or battery ready solar systems. Call us today or drop a query and one of our team members would be promptly happy to help you.